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Media Educational 2024

Thanks to funding we received from Cape Winelands District Municipality we hosted a Media Educational on 17 & 18 April 2024.

We met up at Kroonplaas Restaurant with two Cape Winelands District Municipality officials ( https://capewinelands.gov.za/), Funmammasa ( https://funmammasa.co.za/) and Andre from Social Media Cape Town (https://socialmediacapetown.wordpress.com/) from the Media.

After a delicious "roosterkoek" and "moerkoffie" breakfast at Kroonplaas Restaurant (https://www.touwsrivertourism.co.za/eat/67-komkyk-restaurant), we departed for Drie Kuilen Nature Reserve ( https://www.driekuilen.co.za/ ).

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Lina, Stefan and Lena greeted us and made us feel truly welcomed. We had some time available before the game drive and took our time to book in at the various accommodation available to us.  Our accommodation for the night left us speechless. Every appliance you might need is there, even a dishwasher! Have a look: https://www.touwsrivertourism.co.za/stay/70-drie-kuile-nature-reserve

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Saturday, 9 December 2023, started rainy and cold. Luckily the weather changed and people started to pitch.
Forest Musician entertained us through the day with his singing and warmed our hearts. He went to Primary School here in Touwsrivier.
Local entrepreneurs had a lot of variety at their stalls, which made choosing just ONE thing to buy impossible! 
"Father Christmas" handed out sweets to the children. We hired jumping castles and a waterslide to make their day even more memorable. A big thank you to Cape Winelands District Municipality for the funding we received to host the Heritage Farm Fair.
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Thanks to some funding we received from Cape Winelands District Municipality, we started our Media Tour on Friday with breakfast and coffee at Kroonplaas Restaurant.
From there we departed to Inverdoorn Safari Lodge & Game Reserve in the Tankwa, approximately 60km from Touwsrivier.
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The majestic Karoo did not disappoint. With all the rain this year the flowers and succulents are most beautiful.
At Inverdoorn the friendly staff welcomed us with warm towels and welcoming drinks.
After we rested for a while, it was time for a game drive.
Everyone enjoyed the game drive, and I would recommend it.
Seeing these animals in nature is truly a privilege.

September is Heritage Month: Animals have no voice.
They can't ask for help.
They can't ask for protection.
Humanity must be their voice.
- AD Williams-

"Inverdoorn supports responsible tourism while creating memorable moments for travelers through an immersive experience of local, cultural, environmental and social encounters."
After the game drive, we had a mouth-watering, buffet lunch under the trees.
Stay in luxury accommodation: Chalets or Ambassador Collection with mini-bar, air conditioning, and private terraces.

Saturday morning we met up with our guests at Aquila Private Game Reserve, Touwsrivier(WC).They had a good night's sleep in their luxury rooms. 🛌
☕We had a few options regarding welcoming drinks and opted for a cup of coffee to warm our insides.
🐾🦓🦏🦛🐘🦒We thoroughly enjoyed the early morning game drive and our guide was very informative. A great activity to do with kids and to keep them occupied this school holiday, starting today. (29 September 2023) 👨‍👧
🍴🍳🥚🥞The game drive came to an end, and we returned for a buffet breakfast served in the dining room. One of the cooks mentioned that he serves up to 350 eggs per day for breakfast. Each one is perfectly prepared for your taste. 👌😋
🚙🚗After the flavorsome breakfast, everyone departed. Bringing an end to the Media Tour.
❤️Again, thank you to Cape Winelands District Municipality for some of the funding, therefore making the Media Educational possible.

27 September 2023 the Touwsrivier Community celebrated Mrs. Magret Maritz's 117th Birthday.
 In a convoy following a SAPS vehicle, Mrs. Maritz waved like royalty to the community. "Trompoppies" followed the beat of loud music coming from a car.
Aquila Private Game Reserve donated the beautiful cake. Other donors also contributed, producing a delicious lunch in the "AGS Tehuis vir Bejaardes" kitchen. 
Making Mrs. Maritz's birthday milestone even more special. 
The Touwsrivier Community is truly blessed to have her spend her golden years with us. 

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Media Tour 2023

Our Media Tour started off on March 21st with breakfast at Kroonplaas Restaurant - Engen Truck Stop, N1 Highway. So many delicious options like eggs/bacon and "roosterbrood". I chose the pancakes with "moerkoffie" to wash it all down. After all, who can focus on an empty stomach?

 The owners of Rangers Reserve( 8km from the N1) came to fetch us for a Knife Forging demonstration. Very interesting and unique. On the Reserve, they also run Ranger Training and Survival/Bushcraft courses.
They impressed us with the soon-to-be, newest addition to their accommodation. The cutest Gypsy caravan! Lunch-time we indulged in wood-fired pizzas and then left for Matjiesfontein.

At Matjiesfontein we checked in at The Lord Milner Hotel (55km from Touwsrivier) and the old-world Victorian charm blew us away. A red-jacketed porter carried our bags to our rooms. Johnny entertained us with his singing in the Bar while we grabbed a cold one.
Afterward,  we explored the Marie Rawdon Museum and the Transport Museums. Johnny showed us around the apparently haunted room...  At exactly 18h00 Johnny called us on his trumpet for the Red Bus Tour through town, starting off in front of The Lord Milner Hotel. Definitely the shortest but most memorable 5-minute tour! We had such a good laugh at Johnny's witty stories. All the excitement made us hungry and dinner was served in the lounge. The delectable three-course meals are truly South African cuisine. After a late-night ghost hunt, we headed to our beautiful rooms overlooking the luscious garden. 

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